Less of the work, more of the play

Over recent years it seems the number of people who practice singing purely as a hobby has diminished. I believe that with the rise of televised talent shows such asĀ  Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice, and the X Factor, those who previously enjoyed singing just for fun have been pressured into trying to see if they have what it takes to be a superstar. It’s not enough that you enjoy singing; the abundance of opportunities there are to make something of your talent means that you’re psychologically influenced into ‘giving it a go’. Unfortunately, by ‘giving it a go’ you have abruptly changed the status of your hobby into something else. Something it may not have intended to be.

Singing for fun can be an enlightening, enjoyable, wonderful experience. It can be a journey into beginning to understand your body and how you can harness specific aspects to create your own unique sound. Though it’s not enough to just sit at home and practice, you must learn how to unleash your talent.

The only real way you can do this is by taking singing lessons from an experienced singing teacher. Samuel Nicholl is one such singing teacher, having been involved in a number of West End productions, and taught some of the most popular music schools in the UK. Samuel, by his own admission, prefers to teach the lesser experienced singers, those who are just starting out on their journey. He loves facilitating their learning, aiding them in finding themselves and their own sound.

If you’d like to contact Samuel, you can do so via his website here: http://www.singinglessons.org.uk/london/teacher/

Or directly via telephone on 07515 384027 , or email: samuel@singinglessons.org.uk

His studio is located in South London at: 44A Leyland Rd London SE12 8DT

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